Peacock Angel

Resources about Yezidis and the Peacock Angel

  1. In the Crosshairs of Persecution: the Yezidis
  2. Yazidi Religious Beliefs: History, Facts, And Traditions Of Iraq's Persecuted Minority
  3. Melek Taus - The Peacock God of the Yazid
  4. The Plight of the Yazidis
  5. The Middle East is full of ancient, mysterious religious sects. The Islamic State is wiping them out.
  6. Yazidis released by ISIL seek religious cleansing
  7. Agharta, Shambhala, Vril and the Occult Roots of Nazi Power

Audio-visual resources

  1. The Yazidis: Exiled From Eden Listen to this great 26-minute 'Heart and Soul' BBC World Service radio documentary about the crisis of the Yezidi people, who struggle to maintain their ancient religions based upon belief in Taus Melek, the Peacock Angel, whom Yezidis identify with the pan-Indian figure of Skanda-Murugan.
  2. Mythicist Milwaukee Show with guest Patrick Harrigan

Skanda or Murugan: the Peacock Angel in India

The Son of God: Subrahmanya, Skanda, Kārttikeya, Sanatkumāra - The Shambala King, Pleiadian Head Master