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  3. The Castes of Yezidis religion
  4. Yazidi Religious Beliefs: History, Facts, and Traditions
  5. Yezidi prophecy: 'Rainbow Warriors' and return of the Peacock Angel
  6. Reincarnation, the Sanjak, and an Ancient Prophecy
  7. Lalish: The Yezidi Spiritual Heartland
  8. Pilgrimage to Lalesh
  9. Yezidi New Year Festival Sere Sal
  10. Roji and Eda Rojia: The Three Day Fast of December
  11. Yezidis and Hindus make common cause under 'Peacock Angel'
  12. "The Return of the King of the World"
  13. Yezidis and Hindus revere Malik Taus or Skanda-Murugan, the Peacock Angel King
  14. "Yezidis' last hope remain Hindus and India"
  15. Sanat Kumara the Peacock Angel-King on YouTube
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